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The Making of a Wild Morning Class

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Namaste and welcome!

I won't teach a class until I know what it is I'm meant to teach, a.k.a what I'm meant to learn. What does this mean?

For me, offering a group class must be a "merging" with what is happening in my life and around me. If it is not that merging for me, it does not feel authentic and I have no wish to do anything in life that is not authentic. By doing that, I fully realize that I am truly giving to myself and everyone around me.

The beauty of this process that found me is that there is NEVER a shortage of experiences unfolding within and around me; and, to "find" exactly what that is in any given moment requires presencing to it. This has been a process within me at play for the last couple of years that has been life changing to say the very least.

I very much enjoy doing this every 2 weeks for class instead of 3 times a week as I used to do. Now I get to really BE in the merging for longer. The strange weirdness of life in this time and space is that we may not fully realize that experiencing an authentic landing and unfolding of mind, body and spirit twice a month in community who accept you however you show up is worthy enough to do. Cause if we are not dedicated enough, we won't benefit. I call BS.

I call BS on my own strangely weird, self-defeating, perspectives too.

After returning from a multi-day retreat and back to my husband, house and full-time job, on the evening designated on my list to plan Saturday's class, my ego said "do what's easy, you deserve to rest". I chuckled out loud at the absurdity of it, now seeing what is real and what is a story very clearly for myself. My heart answered, "Ego you are tired, go to bed. In the meantime, heart, have your way".

This is how the name of "Wild Morning" came to be months ago when planning how I wish to create going forward. The class I offer each time would be an offering of what is wild and beautiful within and around me, not what is resisting or storying to make life tame or unnatural. Wild Morning also incorporates what unfolded in my "Natural Rhythms" studio class - an honoring of what is present within and around EACH time.

What came to me when my heart spoke about this coming Saturday class was "Expand". In keeping with the Field Retreat intentions and awareness of timeliness of each season and month of our lives, now is the time to Expand. The mythology of Hanuman fits perfectly here, as he was born on a wind and a prayer too!

This class includes part natural flow with body and breath and part kriya that asks us to discover new space (and this does not always mean "harder") for expansion.

The unfolding includes myths and universal truths, including that the way to change circumstances is by changing your energy to match what you love; repetitions chip at past barriers, converting fear into determination expands your natural energy; and considering the blessings all around and within you uplifts all.

These Wild Morning classes are either at Lodge 101 or outside at Acorns Resort (weather dependent). Those who sign up by 6pm the night before class will receive an email with exact directions to the class.

All classes are intended to be a very different yoga experience than class at a studio. They very much are complimentary to all aspects of modern day life, but also honor yoga's totality and ancient lineage. Everyone is welcome!

Sat Nam,


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