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Lions, Birds & Bears Oh My! - April 2nd Wild Morning Class

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Namaste and welcome!

Spring has sprung and all of us may feel a bit out of sorts during this seasonal transition.

On April 2nd, our Wild Morning 90 minute yoga practice at Acorns Resort will focus on moving through this transition on the physical, mental and emotional layers.

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Eastern "knowledge of life", most people are composed primarily of 1 of 3 types, or Doshas, present at the time of birth that explain physical, mental and emotional tendencies.

The 3 Doshas are Pitta, Vata and Kapha. One of my teachers corresponded the types to animals and that is how it all makes more sense to me.

The Pitta/Lion has a muscular builds, gets hot easily, loves being productive and can be quick to anger at anyone who does not "get it" and in turn becomes angry with themselves. The Vata/Bird has a slight build, gets cold easily, loves thinking before doing and can be easily agitated into anxiousness by almost anything. The Kapha/Bear has a larger build, loves relationships and can feel depressed when feeling undervalued or unable to express the depths of their care.

The Lion smells the spring air and wants to go into productive overdrive. This, now this, and that, and that too - I must manage it all in this window of time before it gets so hot that I get angry at everyone who doesn't play along with all this doing. Ugh - it's SO hard to get people moving that I feel stuck. The heat begins to rise.

The Bird feels the warm spring breeze and tastes the sun after suffering in debilitating coldness down to their bones most of the winter and begins to think - where shall I go, what is best direction, I shouldn't sleep for fear of missing something important before I figure out what to do. The anxious firing of thoughts multiplies.

The Bear touches the dewy grass and saunters through mud puddles and realizes that very soon it will be TOO hot. All of my family and friends will want to gather and I can't miss those times so I know I'm going to have to somehow feel lighter inside. It all feels too fast and begins to create an emotional drag that feels heavy and sad.

Isn't it interesting that as children, we were likely far less effected by these seasonal transitions? I believe it's because we were drawn automatically to actions that more naturally occurred to us and so felt the joy of experiencing the sensations we most needed . . . like jumping into a mud puddle, digging in the earth, climbing trees, watching the clouds and waking when daylight entered our rooms.

During our April 2nd class, we will go there . . . not into the mud puddle, but into the natural sensations and movements that support our mind and body's celebration of this transition too. We will incorporate a special detoxification kriya into the last part of class that is SO powerful!

These Wild Morning classes are either at Lodge 101 or outside at Acorns Resort (weather dependent). Those who sign up by 6pm the night before class will receive an email with exact directions to the class.

I was hoping to be having classes at Acorns Wild in May, but that might be looking more like the end of June. Our new yoga studio is coming along wonderfully though - most of the windows are in. Soon the new acacia floor, bamboo ceiling and finish on the limestone will brighten things up beautifully!

All of our classes are intended to be a very different yoga experience than class at a studio. They very much are complimentary to all aspects of modern day life, but also honor yoga's totality and ancient lineage. Everyone is welcome!

Sat Nam,


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