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Our Mothers birthed us into a world where they faced many challenges. In fact, we all have (living or passed) two parents who faced many odds. And here we are doing it, in our own way. This is the nature of life. The Chakra System is a spiritual development system that aligns with many much later developments of psychology. It is a beautiful tool to explore how what we experienced or perceived around us shows up in our present and provides a mirror with which to see with clarity what from our past is not serving and can be released, and what lessons became gifts we can offer. This is how we change the world, by being the change. As we approach Mother's and then Father's Day soon after, this is a gorgeous time to be present for not only our parents if they are living, but also a time to consider how we are parenting ourselves as adults - adjusting our thoughts, actions and behaviors to reflect what is good and true for us now. And if our parents are no longer with us in form, it is perhaps the perfect time to - “not look for her where she was, but rather to look for where she is” – Jeannie O’Neil.

Noble Refresh Workshop, Sunday, 1-4pm, 5/8/22 Open to everyone! Must be registered by 6pm on 5/7 to ensure there is ample supplies for everyone present. Each person registered can bring someone for free. Enjoy green juice, bliss balls, chakra bracelets, qigong and listening circle.  Register

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